Dyslexia Workshops

To help support our staff we are able to facilitate a dyslexia awareness session, which offers an introduction to dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties and includes practical exercises, with the aim of helping you to better support your people . 

What will I learn about?

  • What…

Conflict Management & Personal Protection

Within our job roles we can sometimes come across situations that require an understanding of how to manage confrontation and defuse diffiuclt situations . Following up from our successful pilot course in the summer , our in-house Conflict Mangement course is now available .

This course covers :

The legal aspects of personal safety

Understanding conflict


Supporting our Customers with Additional Needs

As part of the re-launch of our retail customer service standard , Pathways has developed a bespoke training course for our Silver level which looks to upskill our staff when supporting our customers with additional needs.

This course is designed to examine the different types of customers who may visit our shopping centres, how the law impacts upon our customer service and how we can ensure…