Dyslexia Workshops

To help support our staff we are able to facilitate a dyslexia awareness session, which offers an introduction to dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties and includes practical exercises, with the aim of helping you to better support your people . 

What will I learn about?

  • What dyslexia is

  • What other hidden disabilities might co-exist with dyslexia

  • How a dyslexic person may feel and the barriers they may face in the workplace

  • The positive aspects of dyslexia

  • Some guidance on how to identify difficulties and how to help an employee when dyslexia is causing a problem at work

  • The Equality Act and how it relates to dyslexia.

    What does a typical agenda cover?

  • What is dyslexia?

  • Related co-occurring hidden disabilities

  • What to look out for

  • How to best support employees with dyslexia?

  • Learning and training styles

  • The Equality Act and implications for your organisation and staff


    If you feel you would benefit from attending this workshop or would like further details just contact the Pathways team on smrtraining@savills.com