Building Effective Teams


The manager session will help you, identify the current effectiveness of your team and their performance and focus on you as a leader. You’ll learn how to create and implement an effective Team Charter, how to build trust and motivate your team and understand what development stage your team are currently in and how to move them in to the performing stage.



In the full team session you will work together to create your mission statement, this will give your team purpose and focus. You will set SMART goals which will enable you to achieve your mission statement, whilst at the same time gaining buy in from your team as they are involved in the setting of the SMART goals.




Both sessions are fun and engaging and encourage working together to complete tasks through effective communication and listening to each other. It will also help you as a manger to identify the motivation levels of individual team members and highlight their skills or possible leadership qualities which can be utilised positively to ensure your team succeed.




If you would like to put your team through their paces, improve the way you work together, then this is the course for you!


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